End of the Year Post — State of Apple

I haven’t written on my blog much in 2022. So I thought I should still write something at the end of 2022. The year was a tough year for the world and Apple and all of us. All the tech stocks took a big hit in the stock market this year. Many investors are down in 2022. But I still feel bullish about Apple and other top tech companies in the U.S. If you look around, the technology is still very good. We rely on our devices and the devices get getter and better and better. My iPhone 14 Pro is amazing. The videos and the photos it takes are amazing. My 3 year old 27 inch iMac is still great with a great screen. My Airpods for listening to music and podcasts are also great.

I am looking forward to the technology future. In particular, I can’t wait with Apple’s car comes out. Eventually Apple will come up with an Apple Car. Some say it will come out in 2025. I think Apple will definitely come out with the Apple Car this decade. And I told my kids, if the Apple Car is under say …$120,000, I will buy it.

Other Apple devices I am waiting for are the Apple VR/AR glasses. I am sure Apple will come out with that devices before the Apple Car.

Anyway, have a great New Year everyone. Looking forward to 2023.

Lex is a long time Apple user and loves technology.