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Batch Editing of Photos on an iOS Device using Faded App.

Many people think iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad are just consumption devices and not devices that allow you to do work and produce things. I recently discovered that you can do batch edits of photos on an iOS device. You can’t do it with the native Photos app. But some third party developers have created apps that do so. One is the Faded App which costs just 99 cents (there is an in-app purchase if you want more effects or preset filters). But the basic Faded app has some powerful features. You can save your edits as a preset (called action) that you can use again and again on apps. Even more, you can do a batch edit to many photos using a preset action. In this video I demonstrate how that is done in the Faded app.

In the fall, when iOS 8 is released, apps will have extensions where apps can have functionality in other apps. I hope the team behind the Faded App makes an extension where you will be able to select many photos in your Photos app and make a batch edit.

This is a short tutorial on how to quickly resize your Macintosh Windows using a great app, Keyboard Maestro, to assign triggers that will move and resize windows on your Mac to where you want them. I created 4 triggers that will take a window and either 1) make it a square in the middle of the screen, 2) make it full screen, 3) make it half screen on right, and 4) make it half screen on left. Got inspired by this post back in January.

So in the the iOS 8 Beta for the iPhone, there is a new feature in the standard Camera APP: You can now shoot in time lapse mode. There are no settings. You just point as something for a while, and it makes a time lapse video. There is no sound of course. I didn’t have a camera stand but I held my hand steady and shot this video of the toy sail boats in a pond in Central Park in NYC. Enjoy.

This is pretty incredible. Marques Brownlee, who reviews technology on YouTube, claims to have got a hold of the new Sapphire screen for the next generation iPhone 6 which will launch probably in the fall. This screen is 4.7 inches.

But what is amazing is that because the screen is made of Sapphire it is very hard to damage. Marques tries very hard to scratch and break it but he can’t. Check out the video.

Now for the longest time, I have refused to put a protective screen on my iPhones. Several generations ago I realized it was hard to scratch the iPhone screen once Apple started using Gorilla Glass. But people were still breaking iPhone screens when they dropped iPhones. Hopefully this new Sapphire Screen will be unbreakable.

Ultimately, I would like to see iPhones become so unbreakable that no one uses a protective cover or case. That way the iPhone’s naturally beauty can be displayed.