Headless MacBook Air M2 With Apple Vision Pro As Monitor

If you are into the Apple Vision Pro, you have to check out this YouTube video by Luke Miani.

Luke Miani’s “headless MacBook Air with Apple Vision Pro

The Apple Vision Pro can act as a monitor for a Macintosh computer. But then you can’t use the builtin-monitor for the Mac. Luke Miani removed the monitor part of the MacBook Air and then the headless MacBook Air worked using the Apple Vision Pro monitor. At the end of the video, he made a funny fake advertising for the headless MacBook Air. But you know what? I think Apple should make its own headless Macbook Air for the Vision Pro. The Raspberry Pi Foundation several years ago made a keyboard with a Raspberry PI embedded in the keyboard. It is called the Raspberry Pi 400.

Apple should make a keyboard with a builtin trackpad that also has a Mac built into it. They could easily sell it with the Apple Vision Pro. Great idea Luke Miani!!.

Lex is a long time Apple user and loves technology.