Restarted My Podcast and YouTube Channel

Many years ago, I had a podcast on itunes: MacsFuture and and iPad podcast. Also had it on YouTube. Well, I have decided to again try to podcast and have a YouTube channel. Here is my first podcast episode.

Ep, 1 Staying Mentally Sharp Through the Pandemic with Tech Projects MacsFuture

I went on a an adventure during this pandemic shutdown. I kept my brain sharp by learning technology and working on tech projects. Listen to my adventure. You may then be inspired to try various projects. Lex McFarley. I worked on WordPress site, learned Apache, learned UNIX and Ubuntu. Learned static sites with Hugo and Swift Publish. Learned to set up my own Jitsi video service. And also created my own cloud service with NextCloud. Check it out.
Lex is a long time Apple user and loves technology.